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A View from Northeast Carry   oil on canvas 24” by 18”


Autumn 2014

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New:  A Virtual Exhibit of Allagash River and Saint John River Paintings

The catalog of my North Maine Woods exhibit at the West Paris (Maine) Library

Beginning October 23, 2014


A Gallery of Northern Maine Landscapes

Michael Everett’s Paintings of the Woods


Other Places, Other Paintings




Essays -The Canoe Trip

Our favorite Maine canoe tripping river:  The Upper Saint John

Cold Bad, Warm Good: The Campfire Reconsidered

Learning to live with blackflies:  Ending the cycle of violence.

Books about Maine canoeing, more or less.


Old Favorites -- Three Scenes from a Maine Canoe Trip

Jumping Off and Setting Down

Waking Up First

Bourbon and Branch


Public Policy and the Maine Woods

Managed Wilderness – Baxter Park and Friends

The California Road – The Forest as a Human Landscape



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